lauantai 26. marraskuuta 2022

Mikä on olennaista?


Jokunen sata vuotta, kenties 1500 vuotta, kenties enemmän, vierähti ennen alla kuvattuja yllätyksiä laskien siitä kun moniääninen lauluperinne jakaantui toisensa unohtaviin muotoihin, tässä kohden nyt erityisesti Georgiassa ja Korsikassa.

 "It was quite a sensation when Georgians first heard (through the musical program of the central USSR TV channel) the polyphonic singing of Corsicans in the mid-1980s. For the first time Georgians were hearing a polyphonic tradition that sounded so much like Georgian. Here the power of the audio impression was at its best – the sound of strong male voices with a bit of nasality, singing long melismatically embellished melodies in three parts, and long moving drones were “shockingly Georgian”. 

Very recently, after meeting in Corsica a wonderful Corsican singer Philippe Rocchi (a member of the much revered ensemble “Voce di Corsica”) I found out that Corsican traditional musicians also had a similar musical “shock” when they first heard recording of Georgian traditional polyphony in the beginning of the 1970s (personal communication from October 20th, 2008)."

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