keskiviikko 14. maaliskuuta 2012

(4-8 maaliskuuta)

I had a word on my tongue
heavy burden
but it wouldn't enter my mind
forgotten, frustration, fear of losing

dear language, it was something, close to, not really -ove
-tain -mory, not like that, transforming... -rkness -rrogance
missing, what ever I think
others experience
it's just imagination using imperfect perception
It has taken the place I thought belongs to me:
are nothing else than this

the state of disorder you search for
is the very state of uncertainty you won't in any circumstances
let to define you. Every moment of your life you need
to define this other away and analyse it into something familiar
which is all false. Disorder is also

the state of social emotion
that the leaders of men wish to arouse within the tension

of culturally weakened bodies, and then to dull them with
what ever indigestible mental shit. Disorder
is amoral. All that needs power needs disorder.
It is a tool, and as such as loving as any knife.

You don't know how to lock the toilet door
You cannot open the lock once you are in

removing a ring half of the finger comes off with it
now you are not going to take off your clothes
you begin to hate something you love
your parents paint your grave with purple
the original color of carrots
wombthing, leaking
capitalism is a mess - making more mess is no revolution
imagine your self as a compost
and then some alchemy: blackbirds hanging around to catch your worms
feathery neck reaching for living flesh, swallowing
disorder. a fool for all purposes
is as thoughtful as any lover


even the trees are smiling trough the capitalism we breath
the great oak next to crapper
birches in the border of the forest
birds on the birches, any time now
ravens are flying over
slowly moving to downtown
slowly transforming
like Iceland

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