lauantai 14. kesäkuuta 2008

"Nordic Poetry Center"

Lainaan tähän tiedotteen, jonka ovat laatineet Marko Niemi ja Leevi Lehto.

After a longish hibernation period, we have now given rebirth to the
EPC Scandinavian Portal (formerly at as
"Nordic Poetry Center", which is part of the renewed Nokturno site, at

Both Nokturno and the Center will feature as EPC portals at

and the Center will be jointly edited by poets Marko Niemi, the editor
of Nokturno, Leevi Lehto, Eiríkur Örn Norðdahl, and Martin Glaz Serup.

We are now soliciting for work by poets from Scandinavia (and nearby).
We are specially interested in

* translations from poetry in native languages into English and other
"world" languages
* poetry written in non-native languages, English and others
* all kinds of cross-language and trans-national work in all possible
languages and non-languages
* work that attempt at disfiguring, disturbing and destroying
languages, native and otherwise

We encourage you to send your contributions / suggestions in an email
to the editors:

Let's work together to make this project a success, not as one of
cultural import/export in a narrow sense, but of immediate global
relevance to the development of the World of Poetry (World Poetry).

En juurikaan ymmärrä, mitä käytännössä olisi World Poetry (kertokaa, jos ymmärrätte!), mutta vaikuttaa kannatettavalta touhulta.

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